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Learn to Read Music in 21 Days! 
How It Works


  • Purchase your Worksheet Method for a fraction of the cost of a single lesson!

  • Do one packet of worksheets each day (approximately 10 minutes)

  • The worksheets walk you through a unique method, and gives you plenty of practice.

  • Lessons and exercises are simple, and organized by day.

  • Read music and learn your favorite songs in 21 days!

What's Inside


  • Daily worksheet packets for 21 days.

  • "Cheat Sheet" that summarizes everything you need to know to read all notes.

  • Corresponding charts and easy to follow instructions.

What People Are Saying


  • "My daughter loves doing the worksheets. It gives her a sense of accomplishment when she finishes a packet."

  • "The method helped me gain confidence to tackle more advanced music because I knew I could figure out ALL of the notes."

  • "I like that it’s in a smaller book size. It stands out on our table next to the piano, which reminds us to do them."

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